Episode X011: The Matrix

What would a team of Shadowrunners think of 1999's The Matrix? One of the cast of Burning Edge had never seen the movie, so we decided to all watch it together, then talk about it in character. 

The Burning Edge cast talks out of character about how sexuality has evolved into the Sixth World, or more importantly, how our primal needs haven't changed in the future, just become more punk.

A short behind-the-scenes episode of two of the characters talking in-character to get ready to record.

Jeff and I had a quick discussion about SINs and how they work while getting ready to record a normal episode. Later, I had a similar conversation with Qwaar and Tempest. I thought the discussion was interesting enough to release into the world. This is a pretty short and unscripted talk about part of the Shadowrun world that affects everything, but that I imagine most people don't think much about.

During some high-level negotiations the team was sent by EVO to protect, things started to go wrong. An unknown adversarial team has infiltrated the hotel. Micah's seen the invaders in the astral. Casandra is staging a strategic retreat back to the team after investigating the carnage of the opponent's breach point. Catherine is trying her best to get the unwilling and bulky principle to leave the negotiation to get to a more defensible position.

Burning Edge Theme Song by Deuce.

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Jupiter (Micah), Jeff (Jean-Baptiste), and Omni have a conversation about Christmas and New Years in the Sixth World. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from all of the Burning Edge crew!

The team managed to successfully plant a data chip on their target to ruin her new career as a politician while saving some food from a protest. Catherine had to be carried from the casino after she inexplicably passed out right before finishing the job. We now rejoin the team in their Americar, getting ready to leave the scene.

Slide is looking to ruin a local mayoral candidate that has been making his organization's life hell as a local crime fighter, and tasked our team to plant incriminating evidence on her to make that happen. The target, Jeanine Magliano, is holding a campaign event on one of St. Louis's iconic riverboat casinos.

It's still Monday, January 15th 2080. We continue the casino job to plant data on local political candidate Jeanine Magliano. The team has split up into three groups. Deuce and Catherine posed as employees and entered through the employee entrance. Jean-Baptiste and Thumper appear as a happy couple there for the drinkin', the gamblin', and the hobnobbin' with the elite. Micah's on astral overwatch and is probably a pack of cigarettes into her evening at this point.

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